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How Does It Work?

We utilize the latest in dietary and detoxification procedures to assist your body in transforming its metabolism to switch from fat storing to fat burning.

Amazing Results

See the pounds and inches come off quickly and predictably. Through the balancing support of appropriate nutritional changes and specialized detoxification protocols like detoxification body wraps, infrared sauna and high intensity interval training, the pounds and inches will come off quickly and predictably. 

Stop Wishing! Start Doing!

At Northview Wellness Center, we are focused on helping you achieve your best and healthiest you.  Let our skilled physicians and technicians structure a specific fat loss plan to help you achieve your desired health goals. Today is the day to act!

Our services

Designed Food Plans

Let us custom design a food plan specific for your needs to help you not only achieve your weight loss goals, but also develop lifestyle habits that will make your weight loss a permanent change giving you a healthier future you.

Whole Food Supplementation

Not all supplements are created equal.  The wrong supplement is not any better than no supplement so we only use whole food grade supplementation to insure your body will get the most natural response.  It would be unreasonable to assume that you while unhealthy, we could get healthy by normal food consumption or starvation.  Supplements bridge the gap by offering therapeutic levels of nutrients not obtainable by eating alone.  

Health Coaching and Continuous Online Resources

We realize that education and accountability are the two biggest reasons individuals fail to obtain or maintain weight loss so we have eliminated those factors by offering a complete, fun and easy to learn online curriculum as well as weekly health coaching to ensure that you not only lose the weight you want, but can create the lifestyle you want going forward.  No more yo-yo dieting.  This is the last weight loss plan you will ever need.

Detoxification Body Wraps

While it is true that this spa-like service can be obtained at local spas,  it is only when used in conjunction with successful dietary and lifestyle modification that you can see the true benefits of this special service.  It is common for individuals having our body wraps to lose 4 to a0 inches in a single one-hour session.

Far Infrared Dry Sauna

This is another service often associated with the spa experience, but like our body wraps, the primary goal of this therapeutic addition is to promote the removal of toxins in the body.  Heat helps us sweat to eliminate toxins.  In addition, Infrared light activates the mitochondria within our cells to enhance detoxification, fluid movement, and energy production.

Whole Body Vibration

Whole Body Vibration is a wonderfully useful tool when used in conjunction with free weights or isometric contractions to enhance fat burning and lean muscle mass development.

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